Ami Shikah

Ami Shikah is a Certified Sex Coach, sex blogger, podcaster, media personality, writer, and entrepreneur (AS Lubricant). She is the host of the award-winning podcast, Sex and Sanity (listen on any podcast player). Ami loves anything and everything sex as long as it is "safe", consensual, mutually pleasurable, playful, creative, and mesmerizing. She gives great relationship advice too! As a sex coach, she enjoys advocating for female pleasure, self-pleasure as its own sexual outlet, and pleasure-based sex education over fear-based, abstinence-only sex education. She wants everyone to uphold their right to sexual pleasure and attain sexual success. The spark in your relationship doesn't have to die after the so-called honeymoon stage. You can live the sex life of your dreams while having a delicious sexual relationship with your body and/or your partner(s). You need to be sexually active, sexually healthy, and explorative.