When Trouble Sleeps (Amaka Thriller #2)


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*Available on 15 September,2019

Amaka Mbadiwe returns in this gripping sequel to the award-winning Easy Motion Tourist, and trouble isn’t far behind her. The self-appointed saviour of Lagos’ sex workers, Amaka may have bitten off more than she can chew this time as she finds herself embroiled in a political scandal. When a plane crash kills the state gubernatorial candidate, the party picks a replacement who is assured of winning the election: Chief Ojo. But Amaka knows the skeletons that lurk in Chief Ojo’s closet, including what took place at the Harem, the secret sex club on the outskirts of Lagos that he frequents.

Amaka is the only person standing between Chief Ojo and election victory, and he sends hired guns Malik and Shehu after her. Caught in a game of survival, against a backdrop of corruption, violence, sex and sleaze, Amaka must find a way to outwit her bloodthirsty adversaries.

Leye Adenle pulls back the curtain on the seedy underbelly of Lagos once again in this gritty and compelling thriller.

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Leye Adenle

Leye Adenle is a writer and author of the award-winning novel, Easy Motion Tourist, which won the first ever Prix Marianne in 2016. With a uniquely satirical writing style and vivid imagination, Adenle has written at least two crime novels and is critically acclaimed across the globe as a crime fiction writer.

His latest novel, The Beautiful Side of the Moon, is his first sci-fi, fantasy novel. The London-based author has written short fiction pieces, and his short story, “The Assassin”, was shortlisted for the 2017 CWA Short Story Dagger. A contributor to Lagos Noir and Sunshine Noir, Adenle comes from a family of writers and has appeared on BBC Radio 4’s “Open Book.”

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When Trouble Sleeps (Amaka Thriller #2)