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The Akan (Twi-Fante) Language: Its Sound Systems and Tonal Structure

Akan, the most widely spoken language in Ghana, is also the most studied Ghanaian language, with a large number of publications in and on the language. Three of its dialects, Akuapem, Asante and Fante, have literary status, and each has an orthography that reflects the peculiarities of the particular dialect. The differences between the dialects exist more in the sound systems than in the grammar. Some of these have been discussed in academic journals in a language that only a specialist in Linguistics can understand.

This book presents in a relatively non-technical language, a comprehensive discussion of the sound systems and tonal structure of the language as a whole, pointing out the differences between the major dialects, and explaining the rationale for the Unified Akan Orthography. The last chapter summarises the major decisions of the Akan Orthography Committee on the Unified Akan Orthography.

FLORENCE ABENA DOLPHYNE is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Ghana. She has many publications on Akan phonology.

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