Labour Law in Ghana: An Essential Guide

This text is specifically designed to provide an essential guide to the labour law of Ghana. It is a very comprehensive text, covering all aspects of this area of the law, including the distinction between contract of service and contract for services, formation of the contract of employment, termination of the contract of employment, the rights and duties of employers and workers, dismissal of an employee, the distinction between the terms ‘termination’ and ‘dismissal’, as used in the context of employment, strikes as legitimate weapons in the hands of employees/workers and lockouts as legitimate weapons in the hands of employers, occupational health and safety, retirement and pensions and workmen’s compensation.

The author presents the material in a very simple, straightforward and logically coherent manner and this makes reading the text very fascinating. It is an essential resource for all those seeking to get to grips with this fascinating area of law. Lawyers, Judges, HR Practitioners, Trade Union Leaders, Employers and Workers or Employees will find this text an invaluable resource. Lecturers and students of labour law will also find this text very useful as it fully and thoroughly covers the syllabus requirements of the LLB Laws, BA Human Resource Management, MBA Human Resources and related courses.

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David Kharly Hodanu


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