Ajesiwɔ (Dangme)


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Ajesiwɔ is a story of a girl who is pawned to a wealthy woman trader called Yokpa. But the name Ajesiwɔ literally means ‘They have gone and left us.’

Yokpa is a get-rich-quick woman who offers the spirit of her maid, Ajesiwɔ, to the Goddess of Wealth, known as Akpaso.

Fortunately for Ajesiwɔ the goddess is not able to overpower her spirit and Yokpa becomes unhappy. She, therefore, makes Ajesiwɔ suffer other hardships and humiliations.

Finally, however, Providence works for Ajesiwɔ — she is given a rare opportunity to study medicine overseas. On her return, Yokpa is one of her first patients to be treated.

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