A Li Nɔ Nɛ Ba Puɔ Nɔ (Dangme)


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A Li Nɔ Nɛ Ba Puɔ Nɔ is a Dangme expression meaning no one knows his benefactor.

The story is about a couple who went to settle in a neighbouring village to work. But, as if by design, they neither found life easier there.

Not long after they had settled, the wife died of a very serious disease which was a taboo to the fetish of their host clan. How the widower was faced with the problems of pacifying the clan, and caring for their only child, forms the core of the novel.

The eventual reward of his toils and sweat in educating this child did not, however, fail to materialise.

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A Li Nɔ Nɛ Ba Puɔ Nɔ (Dangme)


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