• Yes I Do (Vol. 2): Living Happily Ever After

    YES I DO Volume II is about building a healthy Christian family which has to be anchored on Christ and on an equally healthy marriage. What a healthy family is and its benefits to members are outlined in this book.

    A novel concept called “THE MYSTICAL TRIPOD” which represents three basic factors (oneness or unity, mutual love and mutual respect) required to sustain Christian marriages has been introduced and used to discuss four major topics which are critical for blissful marriages.

    “Interpersonal relationships” – This tackles how Christian couples can understand and relate to each other as they live together.

    “Managing Family Resources”: This discusses in great detail how family material resources should be jointly owned and shared to ensure optimum use to promote understanding and to eliminate stress.

    “Responsibilities and Roles of Spouses and Children”: The book teaches that with the application of the “Mystical Tripod” the responsibilities should be as mandated by the Holy Scriptures and should make the spouses compete to outdo each other in serving the interest of the family.

    “Sex, Child Bearing and Christian Parenting”: Sex is projected as very central to marriage from the scripture; the details are therefore discussed and mutual support in raising children is encouraged. The principles for effective Christian parenting and step-parenting are also outlined.


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