• Ananse in the Land of Idiots – A Play

    “Tweduampong Kwame! Mashed yaw…A real meal of mashed yam-in-oil…hey! And with eggs too! What a feast for the gods! Whatever gods you are, wherever you are…that have been offered this sumptuous meal, spare Kwaku Ananse a bit…allow me a bite of your sacrifice.”
    Just when Ananse swallows a morsel of food offered to the gods of the land, his troubles in the land of idiots begin…having broken a crucial taboo. Ananse finds himself back behind his loom, not weaving a web this time round but, rather, an intricate plot to extricate him from death. But this time not without many challenges.
    The play represents an important work by a much-missed writer. — James Gibbs, Bristol UK
    A very nearly flawless play. — The Publisher

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