• Sebiticals Chapter X

    For eons, the character of the neglected wise observer has captured imaginations. Be they the community trickster, clown, gossip or drunkard, they have always been a thorn in the flesh of social miscreants. There is no one name for them, as they tend to be many things to many folks. Every society has their version. Audiences love them, hate them and love them again. These fellows have no allies. Their allegiance is to all. Their knife cuts both ways, as does their tongue. Oh, yeah. Ever the custodians of spicy, social secrets, they issue forth the most acidic insults. But, abuse them? Naaah, these characters are insult-proof!

    In this salacious new collection, Nana Awere Damoah has consummated the essences of this conceptual character. More than that, the author has effected their relevance in the national body politic. In Sebiticals Chapter X, Wofa Kapokyikyi the social commentator entertains, informs and pricks the conscience – as does his anecdotal nephew.

    Episode after episode, the reader cannot help but conclude that if there is a time the nation needs a voice of conscience, that time is not tomorrow. Bottomline? A Kapokyikyi is an institution that keeps the morals of society in check.

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