• Victims of Circumstance

    Victims of Circumstance is based on the Igbo cultural practice of Osu Caste system. In the course of the narrative, the descendants of Ezeako automatically become Osu-outcasts-following the sacrifice of their father, Ezeako, to an oracle of Ogwugwu.

    Having assumed this status, the Ezeako children who have now become a village (Umuezeako) are no longer treated as free citizens but rather as social outcasts.

    This discrimination culminates in the collapse of the relationship between Ego and Nduka.

  • Victims of Circumstance

    This is the story of an adventure, power, love and a desire for wealth.

    The story of a young village man in pursuit of happiness in a city uncertain in character.

    Asante had a very promising life as a city dweller selling essential items in small kiosks by the way side. When he decides it is time to marry, he abandons the trade in search of a ‘better life’.

    The story unfolds and the events that follow reveal the challenges of city life and travelling.

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