• The Last Secret of Prayer: Learn How to Pray and Receive Instant Answers

    This book is a product of revelation knowledge from the Lord, in conjunction with personal experiences as a prophet in the work of ministry. The motivation to write this book came from the compassion for humanity and enthusiasm to help Christians who pray so much with little or no result to show for it: knowing how frustrating it can be to pray without getting one’s desired results.

    As Christians, we are expected to pray without ceasing, yet we have to do it the right way. The Last Secret of Prayer is a practical guide to getting answers when we pray, a handy approach to simple prophetic acts that can accompany the one’s prayers; it is loaded with secret knowledge about the spirit realm, the Angels of God and ordinances of dominion.

    The knowledge in this book will indeed renew your fire and deepen your personal encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ.

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