• Trinity High: Big Changes (Trinity High Vol 4)

    Big Changes at Trinity High is the fourth novel in the Trinity High series.

    Trinity High School is undergoing changes that are both challenging and heartbreaking. Naa Atswei, now a form three girl, no longer has to worry about the seniors – she is now one of them. What she and her mates do not know is that, in a strange twist of fate, they now have to worry about the juniors! These new ninos are not only atypical, but are united with one resolve – wage war on all seniors!

  • Fate’s Promise

    Sequel to the Lost Princess.

    They say that the path of true love never did run smoothly. Prince Gyakari and Princess Batoma’s relationship has entered a fiery phase where their love and loyalties are tested. As with true love, other combatants are always involved. Prince Darkwa of Mrem will try everything he has to separate these two lovers and he has a partner in Princess Afrakoma, who would stop at nothing to do the same. Can their love survive the wicked machinations of this deadly duo? Will another combatant from Gyakari’s own royal house, Prince Bonsu, who was willing to eliminate him, succeed in turning the tables on Gyakari in order to win Batoma’s love?

  • Trinity High: Students in Crime (Trinity High Vol 1)

    High is full of adventure, mischief and fun. It tells the story of Naa Atswei, a form one girl, who together with her friends, discover that boarding house life for the nino is not just filled with terror…in some cases, you just might be able to call the shots! Naa Atswei and her friends plunge into one adventure after the other, whether it is getting out of trouble with the sixth formers, or evading the “beloved” cane of Mr. Aseidu, the French teacher.

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