• Managing Your Life

    Managing Your Life is sequel to Living by Strategy, by the same author. It takes on the task of reducing strategies to the day-to-day actions to achieve the mission, vision, goals and roles of a person. It is about actualizing personal strategic plan to achieve personal, social and vocational development.

    In this book, the author dedicates a chapter to each area of your life you have to manage. The chapter headings are pointers to their content in each of the fourteen chapters, which are grouped in Five Parts.

    • Part One: Leading and Managing Yourself
    • Part Two: Managing Your Private Life
    • Part Three: Managing Your Relational Life
    • Part Four: Managing Your Public Life
    • Part Five: Managing Your Spiritual Life

    If we are intentional about living, and manage our lives as best as we can, we are likely to leave a lasting legacy for our generation and posterity. It prepares them to face the inevitable.

  • Living by Strategy

    The message of this book is as simple as it has the power to propel readers to drastically change their lives’ outcome in almost every sphere of life. It is an invitation to be more intentional about how we live and to have fun doing so (i.e. without paranoia). The Wheel of Life the book introduces gives a snapshot of its content. This book invites readers to join in the exciting and truthful venture of mission-vision-goal living, propelled by core principles to drive one’s Professional, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Family, Intellectual, Financial and Marital Life. Doing so with a balance in one’s Personal, Relational and Work Life is at the core of the book.

    The author shares a concept of Organising Principle that simplifies living and yet leads to a life of success with significance, positivity on one hand and how to avoid being “a successful failure” on the other hand.

    Living by Strategy is a seminal contribution to the life management of personal living.

  • The GIMPA Story: Transforming a Public Service Training School into a Self-Financing University of Leadership, Management, and Administration in Ghana

    Driven by the passion of his vision agenda for the cause of his appointment as Director-General of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, GIMPA, from 1st January 2000 to December 2008, Stephen Adei (now Professor Emeritus), the first Rector of GIMPA, set out to do the seemingly impossible in the rough terrain of a predominantly patrimonial and static Ghanaian society.

    With the encouragement of his first Council and despite fierce resistance to his vision and tenure from intransigent and powerful forces from within the Institute, a section of the media and political bigwigs, Stephen championed his vision cause with the unalloyed support of a loyal few from GIMPA, and importantly, with the support of his dear wife, and friend, Mrs. Georgina Adei, his steadfast faith in the Lord Jesus, the Bible-centered values and principles.

    From January 2000 to December 2008, Stephen with his team chalked an enviable vision of success in transforming a public service training institution into a self-financing public university and a centre of excellence in leadership, management, and administration in Ghana.

    In this revealing book, he evokes memories of that hard road to vision success, imparts valuable leadership lessons, and, importantly, shares this experience as “a testimony of what the Lord Jesus Christ…can do with His feeble servants.”

  • 101 Ways to Find the Money to Save and Invest: Wealth Creation Ideas for the Very Poor and the Not So Poor

    Investment opportunities are as many as human needs, wants and desires. Thus the aim of this compilation is not to attempt a comprehensive coverage of investment opportunities. In fact, we are not even competent to do so as assuredly our names do not feature among the investment gurus and practitioners.

    However, we trust many will read this book and expand their knowledge base of investments as others have done to bail themselves out of abject poverty. We hope this book will be read by all classes in the society but particularly our target audience, namely those below middle class most of whom earn less than USD 2,000 per annum, for whom the teachings in this book would be a life-transforming experience.

  • 7 Keys to Abundant Living with No Regrets

    This book contains lessons that the writer’s half-century of life has taught him to be the keys to abundant living. It is the writer’s testament to life.

  • Passionate Monogamy

    Marriage is becoming a temporary relationship with people taking precautionary measures before marriage to safeguard their individuality. It is no longer a lifelong commitment of unity. To talk about passionate monogamy seems to be out of this world.

    Stephen and Georgina, however, have good news for the faithfully married: Romantic love can characterize and indeed should be part of Christian marriage for life. Their twenty five years of loving relationship have led then to the conclusion that sexual intimacy is an art to be learned by Christian couples and the result is “lifelong honeymoon”.

  • How to Enjoy your Marriage

    This is a book that serves as a counselling manual as well as a self-study book by Christians at various stages of Christian marriage — singles looking for a partner, engaged couples and married couples. The 34 studies here cover topics ranging from ‘Marriage as God’s idea’, ‘The single life’, ‘Courtship’ and the principles and practice of magnificent marriages. They provide single people and married couples with the tools they need to make vital decisions concerning marriages and relationships. The book has also been written with the marriage counsellor in mind. It provides a ready programme for pre-marital counselling as well as insights for helping couples to deal with major marital issues such as finance, communication and sex.

    This is a book you will go back to again and again for invaluable reference material.

  • Investment And Self-Employment Ideas – for Almost Everyone in Ghana

    Investment opportunities are as many as human needs, wants and desires. Thus, the aim of this compilation is not to attempt a comprehensive coverage of investment opportunities. In fact, we are not even competent to do so as assuredly our names do not feature among the investment gurus and practitioners even in our home country, let alone in the world.

    Rather, our aim is as modest as our target audience. Since Stephen’s book “Twelve Keys to Financial Success” in 2001, we have seen several hundreds of people save and invest their way out of abject poverty in Ghana and in a few other African countries. At the same time, several others have asked for practical ways to save and invest. These are ordinary workers, farmers, students, etc. Their questions convince us of the need to put together two booklets, which far from offering a panacea, are meant to stimulate the thinking of these people to save, invest and create wealth for themselves, their families and their countries.

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