• Keke And The Cake Thief

    Age Range: 4 – 8 years

    Reading Level: 2 – 3

    Keke and the Cake Thief, written by L.M Daini and illustrated by Chike Obasi and Emmanuel Adepitan. Suitable for ages 4-8 years.

    In this story, there’s a cake thief in the kingdom and the king is getting very upset. Keke’s love for cakes makes him the best person to help track down the elusive cake thief and restore peace in the king’s kitchen!

    This is a fun and beautifully illustrated modern African fairy tale, perfect for story time at home and in the classroom. A must-have for every child’s library and an excellent gift for all occasions, birthdays, Christmas, World Book Day, Black History Month and Kwanzaa.

  • Malik’s Bridge

    Age Range: 3 – 8 years

    Reading Level: 2 – 3

    Malik’s Bridge is an inspiring story of four friends who find a way to keep connected over the school holidays. This wonderful story celebrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and the power of unity.

    Written by Marwa Al.Hifnawi and illustrated by Chike Obasi.

    In this story, Malik and his best-friends Ola, Lisa and Amina cannot wait for the school holidays, but they soon realise how much they will miss each other! 

    Can the friends find a way to keep connected across their countries in Africa?

    Join Malik and his squad as they use STEM to bridge the distance and celebrate their unity.

  • King Alboury Cooks the Best Jollof (Africa’s Little Kings & Queens)

    Age Range: 3 – 8 years

    A must-have for every child’s library. Loved by children around the world and teaches them the importance of kindness and community.

    King Alboury Cooks the Best Jollof is a fictional story inspired by King Alboury Ndiaye, the last King of the Jollof Kingdom in Senegal. A must-have for every child’s library.

    In this story, King Alboury loves to cook and his favourite meal to make is his famous jollof rice. His ancestors invented the recipe, and so he is the only one who knows the secret. However, King Alboury has a problem, his troublesome neighbours, the Chuchus people. Every time the King cooks his special Jollof rice, their tummies start to rumble so loud that they become jealous. Rumour has it that they are plotting against the Jollof Kingdom, but don’t worry, King Alboury has a plan!

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