• Tears Fears Sweat & Blood

    The violent death of former Libya’s leader Gaddafi triggered collective brutalities against black African migrants who were often accused of supporting the late ruler. This is the unbelievable story of two innocent migrants who were wrongly accused of being mercenaries and barely lived to tell their stories.

  • When Darkness Falls Across The Desert

    Driven by the rigours of economic instabilities in a West African country during the early nineties, the author of this book sets out to pursue better living standards in an oil-rich country in North Africa. Armed with high hopes but little money, he travels to one of Africa’s poorest regions where he is persuaded to believe that the desert was the only route to his destination. He sets out on a tedious journey with other travellers including a discontented man with a very different mission, only to realize that the treacherous desert was not only dangerous but a haven for sex-starved armed bandits who were ready to rape, kill and steal the meagre belongings they have.

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