• Sɛ Ɛbɛwie (Asante Twi)

    Sɛ Ɛbɛwie is a tragi-comic novel which describes how a boy called Ntensere set off to trace his father called Bɛyɛɛdɛn. Bɛyɛɛdɛn had long traveled to an unknown destination in his youthful days. The journeys which Ntensere made to trace his father were full of adventures. At last he found him. They both took to farming. In the course of farming, they luckily dug out a big fortune. After this, they happily returned to their own Pɛwohoyɛsu. There, they did not only live a fulfilled life, but they also gave part of their wealth to help the underprivileged and also to develop their village. Consequently, their village became one of the well established towns in that area.

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