• She Wasn’t The Gold After All

    She Wasn’t The Gold After All is based on a true love story. The author shares a story of a young man who was caught in the web of a “cunning woman” he met on Facebook.

    The young man, thinking he had found a treasure in a Good Samaritan in the most awkward way while he was not expecting it, ended up with the worst disappointment and heartbreak, leading to a divorce that changed his perspective about life, love and people.

  • Chasing Waterfalls

    He loves her, but doesn’t know it yet. She loves him, but is too afraid to speak up… Especially with another woman in the picture and another man’s heart on the line. So they go Chasing Waterfalls, and hope they get to catch it.

    The love triangle between two best friends and their mutual friend becomes a tangled web none of them can free themselves from. Who gets the guy in the end?

  • Saving Rainbow

    Saving Rainbow tells the story of a Children’s Home in dire need of support, and the four women who are dared to make a difference, in spite of their own circumstances…

    Maame Afua is the manageress of the Charity Home going under. All her efforts to secure corporate support are proving futile, and it looks like her fears will win.

    Sedem is a twenty-seven-year-old rising music star — a career she feels she has sacrificed too much for — even a relationship with her mother. But her world is asking for more, and she’s afraid she has nothing left to give.

    Korkor is a strikingly gorgeous thirty-year-old lawyer in a toxic relationship with a charismatic young millionaire. Korkor knows she’s not in the best situation, but her willingness to leave him is non-existing.

    Esiku is modest, a twenty-nine-year-old teacher who senses a greater purpose on her life. She’s conflicted as to exactly what it is, and how she can bring it into fruition.

    This work of fiction is exciting and easy to read. It will engage readers from start, inspire contemplations, and stimulate conversations afterwards.

    Saving Rainbow

  • Aviara: Who Will Remember You

    When twenty-five-year-old Anthony Mukoro returns from the city, to his hometown Aviara, it is with news that shatters the hopes of his retired parents – he is dying. This startling revelation sends his family into a frantic search for answers. But the answers they seek will come at a cost.

    To save his life, he must confront forgotten memories from a traumatic experience in his past and a darkness that swells and grows unnoticed within the town. Unknown to Anthony, this begins a journey that will lead him into a dark world of murder and a town’s history steep in blood and shadows.

    Aviara explores the complex balance between science and spirituality, fate and ancestry, within the labyrinth of one man’s unravelling reality.

  • Louisa


    Louisa’s dream of attending the best senior high school in the country materializes when she gains admission to St. Nicolas. Her assertiveness leads her into a confrontation with Paul, the class bully which nearly gets her killed.

    The events following this incident further portray the protagonist’s will to achieve her goals no matter what.


  • The Daughters of Swallows

    Adapted from the blog series ‘ATS’ on www.Adventuresfrom.com, The Daughters of Swallows follows the lives of three women in contemporary Ghana.

    Everything changed for Afosua the night before her wedding when Rafiq – her fiancé’s brother – committed the ultimate violation. She emerges from tragedy an unbroken, but fractured woman. With her fairy-tale life ripped so violently away from her, she shields herself in her work, building up walls, determined never to be harmed by a man again. However, when Afosua makes an accidental discovery at work, she will find her life in peril once more.

    Naa Akweley Blankson is stuck at the foot of her staircase once more. Her marriage to her powerful preacher husband has turned out to be the very opposite of what it promised to be.

    After being bartered into a marriage to save her father from crushing debt, Annette Prah is forced into a union with a man three times her age. Meek and unassuming, she accepts that her life will be nothing more than what her septuagenarian husband maps out for her – until a chance encounter in her seamstress’s shop changes everything.

    Friendship is what brings these women together, but their shared strength in overcoming their trials binds them forever. These are the daughters of swallows, who learn to adapt and fashion new lives, no matter where Nature’s winds may send them.

  • Lover of Her Sole: A West African Cinderella Story

    Agyapomaa Agyemang is a woman on the cusp of success. With a thriving business in Ibadan and an adoring fiancé by her side, she’s living the fairytale she had always hoped for. Her charmed life seems certain and sure, until her fantasy is taken apart brick-by-brick by hatred and betrayal.

    Wounded, she returns to Kumasi to heal and seek solace in her family. What Pomaa finds instead is wahala: phantoms from her past, a madman chasing her through the streets, and the steadfast adulation of Akoto – a shoemaker whose affections leave her confounded. Suddenly, she’s confronted with a new set of choices she never counted on.

    Resolving her circumstances might be easier if not for her best friend, Frema, and her constant reminders about ‘Ashanti Aristocrat’ codes and expectations. Pomaa must decide if she’s bold enough to reciprocate Akoto’s affection, or remain content to settle with what is familiar and acceptable. Can Pomaa still choose her prince, knowing that he’s a pauper?

    Lover of Her Sole is a page-turning ‘Cinderella story’ that dares to question whether love alone has the power to cross the lines of class and color in our society. Fraught with electrifying action, intense romance and no small measure of heartbreak, it’s a nouveau fairytale, served with a sprinkle of West African heat!

  • The Elevator Kiss

    It’s Christmas Day and Sindi has been invited to her friend’s stunning new apartment for dinner. She finds herself in the elevator with a handsome man in a blue cotton suit. Their impromptu kiss under the mistletoe ignites unanticipated desire. Edward – successful, urbane and effortlessly charming – is determined to win Sindi over. But Sindi, a spirited, independent woman is focused on rebuilding a life for herself in Cape Town after a disastrous break-up. Edward is the last thing she needs.

    Or so she thinks.

    When Edward turns up at her office, Sindi has no choice but to work for him on a big and important project.  And it’s not long before they are sharing much more than a kiss beneath the mistletoe….

    A steamy romance set in the beautiful city of Cape Town, The Elevator Kiss follows the journey of love between an ambitious young woman and her irresistible man.

  • Black Sparkle Romance

    Meet Mira Adure: an ambitious, creative twenty-something stuck working as PA to the ruthless editor of high fashion magazine Black Sparkle. Her work is tedious, but her love life is even worse – a string of disastrous dates is threatening to put Mira off men forever. And then she crashes her car into the flashy Mercedes of the gorgeous, tiger-eyed Dominic and the encounter leaves her fuming.

    Mira’s luck begins to change when she is promoted to her dream job of assistant editor. But when Dominic turns up at Mira’s office a few days later, she is infuriated to discover he’s been hired as the photographer for her first edition in charge of Black Sparkle.

    As they embark on a photo shoot by the swaying palms of Coconut Beach in Badagry, Mira and Dominic can’t stop arguing. Will it be too late before Mira realises that beneath the tension is smouldering desire? Sparks fly as the creative energy of two talented individuals fuels a heady mix of fear, passion and desire.

  • A Taste of Love

    They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yet in this delectable romance it is Toby, manager of cool Jos hangout lounge, the Bar-Rage, who wins over feisty single mum and successful cake-maker Adoo Ibi with his tasty pizza. Not to mention his suave good looks and calm, confident demeanour.

    Soon, Adoo and Toby are enjoying spontaneous dates and passionate encounters. Adoo is thrilled to find a man who accepts both her and her son, and Toby is drawn to Adoo’s down-to-earth manner and feisty independence. It’s as if they’ve known each other forever. But both have been hurt before and are hesitant to commit to something more. Will Toby and Adoo overcome their pasts and embrace the present, or will they only have A Taste of Love?

    A Taste of Love

  • Circles

    A tormented woman caught in a cycle of disastrous choices, searching for love and validation, Circles is the cleverly woven tale of Rabbie, a tormented young woman caught in a cycle of disastrous choices, searching for love and validation. Despite the driven accomplished exterior Rabbie projects, she is plagued by demons from her past. For the last 15 years, Rabbie has made one bad misguided decision after the other. And even as her career blossoms, her personal life is in shambles.

    After one particularly devastating conversation with Ato, the man she has loved and obsessed over for nine years, Rabbie realizes it is time to step on the brakes and take stock of what has pushed her to the point of loss and insurmountable heartache.

    Rabbie is the product of her choices; and good or bad, the decisions she has made and continues to make determine her future.

    Just a few months shy of thirty she feels she has lived a life fit for 40. But now, she can barely breathe, barely live, as her past licks at her heels and drags her around in a cycle of remorse and pain. Rabbie knows it is definitely time to confront the truth of her past in order to have any hope of the future – any fleeting hope of a fulfilling future.

    A far cry from typical afro-centric literature, Circles is a romantic drama based in an urban/modern 21st century Ghana, the Ghana Boakyewaa grew up in. The characters are complex, intriguing and starkly realistic. In a descriptive, yet almost casual manner, Boakyewaa leads you on a fascinating journey through Rabbie’s eyes; and with each page and each chapter, you’re sold hook, line and sinker into her world, and you wonder, just as she does, where is all this leading to?



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