• When Mother Left: An Anthology

    Elizabeth’s mother left the family never to return. Suffering under the heavy hands of her father, she wondered why life was so bitter for her until her grandmother visited them.

    “Now you are old enough to understand it,” said grandmother. “Your father is treating you this way because of what your mother did to him!”

    What did her mother do, and how did that affect innocent Elizabeth and the family?


    Until Sammy changed his attitude in a very strange way, he and Oppong were closer than brothers.

    Now what has come over Sammy? Where from these deadly intentions? After the sudden turn of events, Oppong has to bear the pain of losing his bosom friend and strive to adjust to his new way of life. Years later, Sammy returned from the unknown seeking to be pardoned, but how delayed was the pardon?


    These stories and other stories in this book will give you a better understanding and appreciation of some of the little things, that make life worth living. Enjoy the reading!

  • A Girl Says No! – An Anthology

    Efua, a young and charming student, never dreamt about doing the things some other girls did to get money. She relied on her father for all her financial needs, but now that her father has refused to care for her, what was she to do? Could she continue to say NO to all the temptations coming her way?


    Kwame was dangerously broke. The bills kept piling up, the debtors kept coming, and tension rose to unbearable proportions. What would he do? He believed in miracles, but he didn’t expect one so soon. But when it came, he couldn’t believe it. Where did this large sum of money his son brought home come from?


    You are in for a real adventure as you read these and other short stories in this book.

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