• You Failed, So What? (Hardcover)

    Before he turned 9 years he had helped a professional plumber plumb a whole house. By 11 years, he was an apprentice to an electrician. By 13 years, he was an apprentice to an auto mechanic. At 22 years, he finally received grace and decided to change for the better – changing from a watchman to a scholar. 

    • What did he do?
    • How did he retreat, rethink and retool?
    • How did he re-educate himself?
    • How did he go through life with no qualification?

    This book “You Failed, So What?” is a book written…

    • For students of all levels and disciplines.
    • For parents/guardians who want to help their children/wards become the best.
    • For lecturers/teachers who want to help their students.
    • For anyone who craves to succeed in life.

    In the chapters of this book – 

    “You Failed, So What?” – the author presents an integration of academia, real life stories and nuggets of wisdom to the generality of readers and students in particular. He openly shares his youthful naivete in the hope that his missteps would make your steps more audacious to a better future. “You Failed, So What?” is about striving more than it is about arriving.

  • You’re Marrying A Rich Girl, So What?

    It is a practical and situational outlook to one of the most neglected areas in the quest for marriage. What happens when a governor’s daughter falls in love with a poor prince? 

     This book raises and answers over 450 questions about love, relationships, attitudes, courtship, marriage, social status, parentage, educational background and property ownership. For example;

    • What is Love?
    • How to navigate a relationship that is in the realms of a fairy tale, into reality? 
    • What’s wrong if a “poor prince” marries well?
    • What do you do if you are the poor prince in love with the governor’s daughter?
    • How do governors arrive at their conclusions on who their daughters should marry?
    • How do governors arrive at who they do not approve of?
    • How should the idea of property co-ownership be treated in a lopsided relationship?

     “You’re Marrying A Rich Girl, So What?” gives deep insights into most pre-marital and initial marriage problems, which most rich ladies are likely to face when they decide to marry seemingly underprivileged gentlemen. 

     This book speaks to the differences that arise from relationships of very privileged ladies – whom we prefer to refer to as governors’ daughters, and underprivileged gentlemen – whom we choose to call “poor princes”

     It serves as a “guide” to privileged ladies to know and understand some of the fears, frustrations, and suspicions of underprivileged men, when it comes to courtship with the aim of marriage and the issues of property ownership, money, influence and the future of their children. 

     Also, it provides assistance to men with “challenging backgrounds”, who find themselves in love, dating, or enthusiastically preparing to marry ladies from very wealthy homes, or ladies with privilege backgrounds – resulting in lopsided marriages

     Most importantly, it is to help the privileged ladies know which of the potential gentlemen their fathers – the governors would agree for them to marry. 

    Read this book before you say “I do”.

  • She Wasn’t The Gold After All

    She Wasn’t The Gold After All is based on a true love story. The author shares a story of a young man who was caught in the web of a “cunning woman” he met on Facebook.

    The young man, thinking he had found a treasure in a Good Samaritan in the most awkward way while he was not expecting it, ended up with the worst disappointment and heartbreak, leading to a divorce that changed his perspective about life, love and people.

  • Wrapped Gifts From Heaven

    Children are needy and dependent, and they know almost nothing about life. They function mostly on emotion rather than reason. They are simple, love without restriction and see the world as presented to them. Young children begin very early to internalize information which either encourages or discourages disclosure. This book attempts to highlight how actions and inactions of parents, teachers and significant others can make children optimise their potential and give their best to society or be a danger to themselves and to society in general.

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