• Peter Dagadu: Man of God

    Usually we know those men who have influenced church and nation only by reputation, as it were from the outside. In this book we have the rare privilege of seeing such a man at close quarters his childhood and schooling, how he came to Christ, the struggles and problems he went through in short, what made him the man of God he was.

    Though Peter Dagadu died so many years ago, there are thousands who knew him and who will find in this account the secret of a man they admired but did not always understand: To many others, both lay and ordained, the story of Peter Dagadu will prove a challenge to climb the upward path following in his footsteps.

    Peter Barker came to Ghana in 1956, after studying history and theology at Oxford, to work on the magazine New Nation, of which Peter Dagadu was a member of the advisory board. He later taught French and history at Okuapemman and La Bone secondary schools, and in 1961 began a two-year course of study for the London BD at Trinity College (then in Kumasi). After three years as pastor of Kaneshie Presbyterian Church and editor of Christian Messenger, he was seconded to the Christian Council as secretary of the Literature Committee and later manager of Asempa Publishers.

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