• Overcoming Infertility: What to Do When Childbirth Delays

    Overcoming Infertility: What to Do When Childbirth Delays is very practical as it has interviews from couples that have struggled to have children for years but have overcome the challenge. It brings to the fore practical experiences of those who are still struggling to bear children and couples who have adopted children and the issues they have encountered thereafter. There are also interviews with obstetricians and senior gynaecologists, counsellors and men of God who have been supportive to couples who find themselves in this situation.

    This book tackles topics like childlessness, causes of infertility and treatment, scientific explanation of pregnancy, how society perceives childlessness as a woman’s problem, consequences of delayed childbirth, biblical assurances and possibilities of childbirth for everyone. Other topics include surrogacy and adoption, coping strategies against societal expectations and ridicule. It also delves into the use of herbal medicine for the treatment of infertility issues; the pros and cons. It contains a dose of supportive and self-help strategies on how the delay can be managed and how couples can live their lives without undue stress.

    It is an advocacy tool that seeks to create awareness on the subject of infertility, support mechanisms available, treatment options and how society should be supportive, accommodative and sympathetic to the woes of couples struggling to have children. This material is useful for and not limited to counselling sessions, for couples struggling to have children, pastors, libraries, fertility centers and everyone.

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