• Nuggets for the Unmarried

    Are you in search of practical solutions to situations you usually face as an unmarried man or woman? Are you in search of an informative manual to aid you in making the right decisions in your love life? Are you eager to avoid the pitfalls that often leads to complications for many people later in life? 

    This book responds to all of these questions, with precision, offering you knowledge on:

    ·       How to choose the right partner

    ·       How to make courtship work

    ·       How to manage money, wedding planning, ex-partners, and prospective in-laws

    ·       How to manage heartbreak, addictions and a cheating partner

    ·       How to manage rejection of your choice of partner by family or friends

    ·       How and when to quit a courtship and much more

    The tips are practical, straightforward and easy to read.

    The wisdom tips have been applied in successfully counselling thousands of unmarried persons across the world.  The tips satisfy both gender because the authors—a male counsellor and a female counsellor—have written and tested all the tips from both gender perspectives.

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