• DISCIPLE SHIP: Maneuvering the Master’s Mega Mandate to Make Disciples of All Nations

    The church is busy. Very busy. But the myriads of meetings and conferences, programs and projects are only important to the extent that they contribute to the main reason for her existence: making disciples of Jesus Christ. The church is a vessel, a Disciple Ship, whose business and busyness are to discover, develop and deploy disciples; nothing more, nothing less. Disciple making is thus not one of the key activities of the church; it is the key, the main thing which everything must lead to and lead from, like the spokes of a hub. Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper understanding of this mega mandate and/or a lack of practical steps and processes, tips and tools for undertaking it, the mega mandate has largely become a mega miss, leading to a mega mess, of church and society. But no more! This vital book addresses both needs—Condition, Characteristics, Channels, Counterintuitive Conduct, Cardinal Components, Contraptions, and Conclusion of the Mega Mandate—with the hope that through it, deeply transformed people who will deeply transform society shall emerge, exponentially, everywhere, especially on the continent that hosts the highest number of people who identify as ‘Christian’ today. And from Africa, to the Rest, here comes Disciple Ship, a provocative memo to the church and a practical manual for her.

  • The Diary of a Missionary Wife

    In a time where Sacrifice is no longer a much talked about subject preached in Christian circles, the average believer is tempted to forget those who have left their comfort zones to go fulfill the Great Commission in foreign lands.

    This book was written to remind us that there are some workers in the body who have been forgotten and need to be strengthened. However, as a compilation of testimonies and personal experiences, the author seeks to exalt God and His miraculous involvement in the life of anyone who dedicates to serve Him and fulfill this mission calling.

    It will empower missionaries to continue believing and trusting a God who is ever present and it will remind believers of the forgotten ones.

  • Reaching The Unreached: The CMRF Model

    Ever wondered how you can use your talents and skills as tools for outreach and make an impact as a Christian professional wherever you find yourself? This book, Reaching the Unreached: The CMRF Model may be an answer to your cry.

    This book is a reflection on the work of a community of people who were sold out for the purposes of the Kingdom of God. They were ordinary men and women who received a commission to undertake an extraordinary task using the basic tools they had acquired. Primarily, they used the medical tool and evangelism as means of reaching out to the poor and marginalized in some communities in Ghana and other parts of the world.

    The Model presented in this book is time tested and born out of years of practical Christian medical evangelistic work. We believe you will be blessed and energized to evangelize and win souls for Christ as you read.

  • Africa to the Rest: From Mission Field to Mission Force (Again)

    Africa is the most Christian continent in the world today. This ground-breaking book celebrates this momentous occasion in world history while it traces God’s goodness to Africa in scripture and throughout history, clearly demonstrating that Africa and Africans have always been central to God’s missional purposes, not an afterthought. Since quantity and quality are not synonymous, Africa to the Rest unveils the teeming potentials as well as teething problems of African mission. This African lead in global Christianity is only going to increase into the foreseeable future, thus these projections call for preparation in order to produce the quantity and quality of African Christians who will be faithful carriers of the authentic gospel to all nations!

    The future of the global church is African, this book matters.

  • Medical Evangelism in Ghana: A Holistic Approach towards Missions

    Medical Evangelism is a unique way of reaching out to the lost in our world. It is a viable option that can help missions’ organizations to break into religious, political, and cultural strongholds in every part of the world with the Great Commission.

    In the pages of this book, you will discover how modern medicine has been part of the gospel that reached the shores of Africa. We explore how various traditions of the Christian Faith in Ghana received and continued/discontinued with the use of modern medicine in Ghana. We examine in detail what it means to engage in short term medical evangelistic activity.

    The book posits that medicine is a tool that facilitates evangelism by preparing the hearts of beneficiaries for the reception of the Gospel.


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