• Project Pinkaso (SDG Changemakers Series)

    Age Range: 4 – 7 years

    When the school principal observes that too many children are going hungry in his school, he asks Miss Yahaya, a teacher of agriculture and farmer, to oversee a school farm project alongside three resourceful school children, Ayiwa, Roro and Rafiq. The farm project is a joint-enterprise involving teachers, pupils and parents – the key stakeholders in a child’s education.

    This is a fun and endearing story that promotes a practical approach to the study of agriculture and the establishment of school farms where nutritious foods can be grown to help reduce hunger in schoolchildren. The story additionally highlights the school farm as an opportunity for creating jobs and income generation for members of the community in which the schools are located.

    With great illustrations and a quiz at the end of book.

  • Ansu’s Village

    Age Range: 4 – 7 years

    Have you ever been to a village?

    If you have not, Ansu is here to tell you all about his village and the exciting people who live there. The people in his village are kind and they love visitors. It seems that all the villagers have their opposites. Where there’s ‘a big’ there’s ‘a small’. Where there’s ‘a weak’ there’s ‘a strong’.

    Together they are all happy and make Ansu feel at home.

  • A Day with Aunty Ama

    The first day with Aunty Ama was glorious. She did things she has never done before: feeding birds and collecting eggs that the layers have laid. What a glorious day? But it soon ends sadly when she heard the honk of her father’s car.

    Ama felt sad but knew she would have visit again.

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