International Marketing and Export Management (5th Edition)

“Albaum, Duerr and Strandskov offer a unique focus on export management. The comprehensive coverage provides a wealth of examples and cases with a good spread of academic and non-academic sources. The balance between theory and practice is just right. I highly recommend this text.” – Geraldine Cohen, Lecturer, School of Business and Marketing, Brunel University

Looking to learn about marketing decisions and management processes needed to develop export operations either in a small to medium size business or in a global corporation? With changing opportunities and challenges in the global environment, International Marketing and Export Management 5th edition provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage on the topic.

“In my opinion Albaum, Duerr and Strandskov have written an excellent text book on the subject of International Marketing and students will find it both readable and extremely informative.” – David Demick, Senior Lecturer, School of Marketing, Enrepreneurship and Strategy, University of Ulster

Geared to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on International Marketing or Export Marketing/International Trade, this book can also be used as a supplementary text on International Business courses and as a useful source of reference to even the most experienced of practitioners.

New to this edition!

In response to recent global developments, the authors have increased emphasis on the following:

    • the impact of the Internet, World Wide Web, and e-commerce
    • the increasing use of specialized software to assist in managing marketing functions, increasing efficiency in logistics, and coordinating and controlling enterprises
    • the impact of technological advances on international marketing
    • the changes resulting from China’s rapid, export-led growth and from its entry into the World Trade Organization
    • the growing concerns with respect to social responsibility, and the costs of failure to meet societal expectations.

Visit to access valuable teaching tools, including an Instructor¿s Manual and Power Point Slides.

Gerald Albaum is Research Professor at the Robert O. Anderson Schools of Management, University of New Mexico and Professor Emeritus of Marketing at the University of Oregon, USA. He is also Senior Research Fellow at the IC2 Institute, University of Texas, Austin, USA. He has been a visiting professor and scholar at universities in Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, France, Finland and Hong Kong.

Edwin Duerr is a Professor Emeritus of International Business at San Francisco State University, USA. He has been a visiting professor at universities in Japan, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands and has extensive consulting business around the globe. Duerr is also Senior Editor of The Journal of International Business and Economy.

Jesper Strandskov is a Professor of International Business at Aarhus School of Business, Denmark. He has been visiting professor at universities in the USA and Australia. He also acts as an international business consultant to several business companies and public institutions.

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