• Counsels from the HillTop

    The statement, “What they don’t teach at Harvard Business School,” has been so used to describe and enhance most life learning experiences that it has almost become a cliché, but this book does, indeed, delve into areas that the most prestigious of universities would not open to you.
    From daily vitamins in minute doses, with biblical coatings in all walks of life like finances, walking, reading, singing, the Author seeks to reproduce more Solomons of our time and the future.
    This book deals with aspects of life that affect every single soul, regardless of social condition, gender, race, colour, nationality or religion.

  • Conversations from the HillTop

    Conversations from the HillTop sets out to educate, guide, advise and encourage both the young and the not so young, about getting wisdom and understanding, using real life experiences and lessons. All things are possible if we set our minds to it.

    The Author gives very useful points aimed at imbibing discipline, perseverance, a sense of destiny and the fear of God into positively impacting others and our communities. This book is a blueprint for success in all facets of life.
    The simplicity of language used makes reading very interesting while giving the reader that sense of belonging.

  • Timeless Wisdom from the HillTop

    In this fascinating book, the author shares with the reader nuggets for daily living which will enrich the reader and leave him or her wiser. You may not be able to conquer the world but you may apply these nuggets to conquer challenges one day at a time.
    Nothing in this book is shallow.

    Every story shared is real and the Author’s style of writing brings the experiences close to his readers. The book teaches us to take advantage of all situations be they good or bad. This is a radically personal, honestly engaging and spiritually illuminating book.

  • Living with Purpose – HillTop Perspectives

    This book provides strategies for letting go of unfavourable self-perceptions in order to live a life with purpose. It will force you to ask yourself serious questions that go to the core of your being.

    It brings to the fore the essence of purposeful living and draws attention to all stages of life for any person who desires to have a fulfilling life.

    Living with Purpose is a breath of fresh air blowing from the author’s perch on the hill. He encourages the reader that living a meaningful life is possible, but only when you know your purpose in life.

  • Memoirs from the Hilltop: Stories and Lessons from the School of Life (Hardcover)

    We would all be poorer if we failed to spend time reading and re-reading Memoirs from The Hilltop. They are so rich in gems for daily living and inspiration. – Justice (Mrs.) Georgina Theodora Wood (Rtd.) SOG, LLD (honoris causa) Retired Chief Justice and Member, Council of State, Ghana 

    This is an arresting book. It captures the unsuspecting reader and transports them, as an obliging captive, into the fascinating world of the author’s life’s rich experiences. – Chris Oppong FRCS, Consultant Surgeon, University Hospital, Plymouth, England, Medical Director, Rwanda Legacy of Hope (RLOH) 

    My conclusion after reading Memoirs from the Hilltop is that like Samson in the Bible, Kofi Adu Labi will kill a lion and go home without telling even father or mother about it until you have read his book. – R. G. Adu-Mante, Legal & HR Management Consultant

  • Crossing the Bar: The Story of Daniel Opong Amoafo (DO)

    This book chronicles the life of Daniel Opong Amoafo or DO, as he is referred to by friends and shares in some intriguing details from his early life to adulthood. There are lessons to be gleaned from what he has seen and experienced. He counsels young people to strive to work hard. He cautions against procrastination and advises that everyone should put their God-given talents to good use while it is day. Whatever happens, never give up.

    “Writing with the skill of an accomplished author of eight previous books, Kofi Otutu Adu Labi’s ninth book delightfully chronicles the life history of 90 year old D.O. Amoafo in this easy to read book. The author’s description of the ups and downs of DO’s life showing his rise from a potential illiterate farmer which his father wanted him to be, to a famous academic, emphasises the importance of perseverance, determination and above all trusting in God in all we do. I highly recommend this book to all.” – Brig. General Dan Frimpong (Rtd), Former CEO, African Peace Support Trainers Association (APSTA) Nairobi, Kenya; Council Chairman, Family Health University College, Teshie, Accra, Ghana

  • Musings from the Hilltop

    “I feel particularly privileged to be able to recommend this wonderful work to all prospective readers. Let our younger generation read, cogitate and be inspired by Kofi Otutu — clearly a man of many parts.” — Ambassador Kwesi Quartey, Deputy Chairperson, African Union Commission
    “Kofi Otutu Adu Labi continues to enrich the literature landscape of Ghana with his inimitable and felicitous writing style. I warmly commend the book to the widest readership.” — Albert K. Fiadjoe, FGA, Emeritus Professor of Public Law, Formerly, Dean of the Faculty of Law University of the West Indies, Chairman, Constitution Review Commission, Ghana
    “In flawless conversational English, the writer takes you through different chapters of his life which he freely shares with his readers. This is a must-read book especially for the younger generation and for the old to reinforce the times they have lived through.” — H E Esther Dzifa Ofori, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana to Equatorial Guinea and accredited to the Republics of Cameroon and Gabon


  • All Things Bright and Beautiful

    “This is a gem of a book that every library must have.” — Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell SVD, Parish Priest, Christ the King Parish
    “Kofi Adu Labi has established himself as a gift raconteur giving perspective, ambiance and insight into a potpourri of events, occasions and personalities.” — Andrew Kwabena Asamoah, Former Director and Special Advisor, WHO, Geneva; and Executive Chairman, A&C Development Co. Ltd
    “Kofi Adu Labi has arguably become the ‘peerless chronicler’ of Ghanaian lives and events. In All Things Bright and Beautiful, he reprises this role. In short, ‘don’t walk, run’ to get your copy and share in the ‘joy of reading’ with Kofi.” — Professor Victor Essien, Retired Professor of Law, Fordham Law School, New York.


  • Stories to Warm Your Heart

    “There is a wealth of knowledge in these stories. Whether you slouch on a sofa, or lie in your bed, reading these stories will refresh your mind as they warm your heart.” Matilda Amissah-Arthur (Mrs), Wife of the Vice President of Ghana


  • Wisdom, Faith and a Song

    “This book is a life guide that will help you to make the most of every single day gifted to you by God. This is a must have and read book.” — Alexander Nana Yaw Kumi-Larbi (Apostle), General Secretary, The Church of Pentecost


  • They Touched Us for Good

    “The author gives a succinct exposé of some pillars of life that are critical for good living and personal development. Those who yearn for leadership influence cannot afford not to read this book.” — Kwabena Boadu Oku-Afari, Executive Director, African Development Bank


  • Nuggets for Victorious Living

    “In however manner the reader intends using this book — whether as a quickie devotional, supplementary devotional, last word before falling asleep or a quick reference inspirational source at odd times of the day — one is assured of an educative and uplifting wealth of insight into the contemplation on and application of the Word of God. I trust that these nuggets will aid in enlightening one’s path on this lifelong journey of the Christian Pilgrim, and Victorious Living.” — Justice Sophia Abena Boafoa Akuffo

  • Pearls of Wisdom

    This book takes us on a walk through some fundamental principles or ‘pearls’ which will set the reader on the path to becoming wiser and becoming fulfilled and contented.

    It is a process starting with knowing what is inside the mind of a winner, through the need to take deliberate steps to keeping your perspectives right and watching your choices.

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