• Excess Baggage

    Her mother’s desire to escape the poverty trap means Ablokyiyoe must travel with a human trafficker to La Cote d’Ivoire. At first Ablokyiyoe resists, but a fiasco marriage finally forces her to yield. Ablokyiyoe finds herself in La Cote d’lvoire where she is compelled to engage in an illicit trade.
    The plot of her jealous mistress leads Ablokyiyoe into the house of a murderer. After her miraculous escape, Ablokyiyoe decides to come back to Ghana, her beloved country for good.
    When events don’t go as planned, Ablokyiyoe has to find a way out. Will she be forced to go back to her tormented lifestyle in La Cote d’Ivoire?

    Excess Baggage

  • The Triangle

    Poor Ackarm seems to have been born on the wrong side of fate. Pawned at a tender age due to his parent’s inability to repay a money-lender, Ackarm finds himself in the wicked hands of destiny.
    In that evil society, a pawn is the property of his owner. Thus, Ackarm has to endure all sorts of bad treatment meted out to him until a kind man bails him out of his predicament. But like falling from the frying pan into the fire, Ackarm once again finds himself in a wicked web of the Triangle. Something must intervene, or the poor boy’s blood will be shed. In this haunting tale of evil, the ills of the modern day Sakawa networks are revealed.

    The Triangle

  • A Bird on the Rose

    “A child must attempt to break a snail, not a tortoise,” the elders have advised. But when Kofi Abbam and Rose Mana meet in inter-schools athletics’ competition, they are eager to defy tradition.

    At a very tender age, and still in school with no means of subsistence, they decide to break a tortoise instead of a snail by engaging in an illicit affair. They drop out of school and get married, and as their children start arriving, their woes keep piling. Lack of subsistence causes these star-crossed lovers to engage in constant fights.

    When Mana can endure it no more, she leaves the marriage with her children and refuses to come back home. Abbam who can’t endure the separation for a long time decides that both of them deserve to live no more.

  • Missions Accomplished

    Kwamena is in trouble. The mosquitoes have multiplied in the town in which he lives, and there is the threat of malaria outbreak. How did the parents of Kwamena react when they came back from their travel to find their son in serious trouble? Enjoy Kwamena’s adventure and other short stories in this book.

  • A Girl Says No! – An Anthology

    Efua, a young and charming student, never dreamt about doing the things some other girls did to get money. She relied on her father for all her financial needs, but now that her father has refused to care for her, what was she to do? Could she continue to say NO to all the temptations coming her way?


    Kwame was dangerously broke. The bills kept piling up, the debtors kept coming, and tension rose to unbearable proportions. What would he do? He believed in miracles, but he didn’t expect one so soon. But when it came, he couldn’t believe it. Where did this large sum of money his son brought home come from?


    You are in for a real adventure as you read these and other short stories in this book.

  • Two Little Ants

    A terrible thing has happened. All the smaller animals are dead. Only two little ants, Moffa and his brother Miffa, survive. Where will they go and find food? Will they have children? What will happen to them?

    Two Little Ants

  • Queen of Sorrow

    In the great kingdom of Adeborm a beautiful princess is born to occupy the throne . . . But an old prophecy must be fulfilled—the princess dies on her sixth birthday. Will the queen ever occupy the throne?

    Queen of Sorrow

  • Old Vulture and the Rainbow

    A terrible storm is coming. Old Vulture’s life is in danger, as he stands high on the silk cotton tree. Little birds come to warn him of the impending danger. Will his life be spared? Or will he forfeit his life to the storm?

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