• The Akan of Ghana: Aspects of Past and Present Practices

    The Akan of Ghana: Aspects of Past and Present Practices takes the reader through the ancestry of present-day Akan people – from the influence of ancient Egypt, through the ancient Empires of Western Sudan and into the forest belt of present-day Ghana. Comparative analysis of cultural practices (such as kingship and the royal setup, death, funeral rites, and family structures) between ancient Egypt and present-day Akan people are highlighted. The three elements that make up an Akan person – Blood, Soul, and Spirit – as well as the Akan family structure are elaborately treated, and a clear cultural distinction between an Akan family and clan is explained. Names and their appellations, signs and symbols, as well as some kente designs are highlighted in the appendices. Ultimately, cultural challenges of the Akan in the contemporary world are brought to the fore.

  • The Akans of Ghana: Their Customs, History and Institutions

    Supremacist historians have tended to give slanting presentations to African history as mere accounts of conflicts and wars between tribes.

    The author, deploring the situation – and agreeing with the African proverb that “until lions have their own historians, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter” – embarked on the work of the role of the African Historian.

    In this book he provides basic background information about Ghana in the first chapters and utilizes the remaining to:

    1. Identify the Akans among Ghanaians

    2. Discuss Akan Kingdoms, past and present and

    3. Treat the Akan cultures (their way of life) from procreation, through marriage to death as well as their religion.

    The book is targeted at:

    i. Akans who wish to be reminded about their heritage so that they do not lose their 1dentity in the fast moving world.

    ii. Non-Akans (including foreigners) who seek to learn about the Akans.

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