• Fia Tsatsala (Ewe)

    Fia Tsatsala is a play. An arrogant chief absconds from his village just before his disgruntled subjects could seize him and do away with him. He wanders around parts of Eweland, falling into some interesting adventures. He grows tired of wandering, goes back to his subjects, and entreats them to accept him back. His pleadings, however, fall on deaf ears so his subjects seize him and sell him into slavery.

  • Tɔgbui Kpeglo II (Ewe)

    Tɔgbui Kpeglo II (Chief Kpeglo II) is a play. It narrates how impudent Tɔgbui Kpeglo was and how unwisely he administered the affairs of his State — the Kokoroko State. The deplorable character of this chief made him unpopular among his subjects. Therefore, the people, with the support of the king-makers, preferred destoolment charges against him. The great Chief committed suicide immediately after his destoolment.

  • Meɖe Ablotsidela (Ewe)

    This play is about the difficulties of two lovers eager to get married. Dadzi, the principal character, is a young man just back home from Britain with a university degree. He has a lucrative job and is well placed in society. He falls in love with Esinam, the well-bred daughter of a devout but stiff minister of religion. The preacher, at first, would have none of Dadzi’s advances to his daughter because he considered the suitor too unreligious. Later, however, he had cause to revise his opinion and later sanctioned the union.

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