• Walking in your Exalted Position as a Believer

    Christians, by virtue of our association with Jesus Christ, have been exalted to sit together with Christ in the heavenly places. This position is what I call an exalted position. We have been raised together with Jesus to a higher position; we sit with him in the heavenly places. We must be aware and conscious of this exalted or elevated position so that we can walk in it. Hence the title for this book: “walking in your exalted position as a believer”.

    Paradoxically, many believers are ignoramuses so far as their exalted position in Christ is concerned. Such Christians have settled for mediocrity and given up the fight. Ignorance has reduced generals and giants in the lord to cowards and mediocre who shrink in the face of any challenge instead of rising above their conditions.

    To combat the antagonism and hostility of the world against us, we must be aware of the resources at our disposal. Appropriation of your exalted position in Christ is crucial to your ability to stand in times like these.

    Enclosed herein are the nine (9) elements of the believer’s exalted position in Christ which is received by grace through faith as part of our salvation package and which must be utilized for our benefits.

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