• Investments

    The chapters are very well written, and present even relatively difficult material in a concise and very clear way.

    Thore Johnson, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

    To some people, security markets are like casinos in which investing is based on predicting security prices and speculating that those predictions will come true. Investments is here to tell you otherwise.

    You could try to predict security prices by flipping a coin or reading a horoscope, but if you really want to become a better investor then you need a thorough understanding of securities, securities markets and investment strategies. That is exactly what this book provides.

    This topical introduction to investment in security markets discusses in detail the various ways in which you can minimise risk and maximise yields. One of the basic insights that you will obtain from reading this book is that good investments generally do not require forecasting skills. Rather, in many cases, good investments require the matching of the investments with the objectives and constraints of the investor.

    Key Features:

    • Up-to-date coverage of investment practice and academic research
    • Extensive coverage of e-commerce in investments
    • Many real-life case studies taken from recent newspaper articles, in particular the Financial Times
    • Extensive Review Questions and Answers, with additional questions and answers available online

    Investments is suitable for use by intermediate to advanced undergraduate students taking courses in investments as part of accounting, finance, economics and business studies degrees. It is also suitable for postgraduate students on MBA and other programmes covering investments.



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