• Enduring Our Enemies With God

    Enduring your enemies is a godly necessity. No one prays to have enemies, but it is what it is, believe it or not. Accepting that truth, as part of the ingredients of living, guarantees you a stress-free life than expecting to be loved by all.

    It is not wrong to wish everyone loves you. However, it has never and would never be possible to experience such on this earth. Therefore, it is very important to have a mental filter to filter what words and actions you need and need not to consume.

    Hence, your mind and body engine are constantly in need of filters for mental protection to avoid mental break down. Stay filtered, to stay safe. The more reason why you need to continuously pray for this endurance spirit from God is that, we do not have permanent enemies, whether you are on the good side or the bad side. Our attitudes, no matter which side we are, keeps recruiting new enemies, both known and disguised ones.

    This particular writing is pinned on the righteous having to endure his or her enemies and to fulfil the promise of God to him or her.

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