• Candid English Magazine (Time to Read, Time to Explore) – Issue No: 001

    Age Range: KG, Primary and JHS Students

    Welcome to the maiden edition of the Candid English Magazine. This exciting magazine was born out of a dream to see the English language rise to its best level in the Ghanaian society. It must be a great joy to see the very first edition.

    The Candid English Magazine is designed to present to the public good literature and reading materials that would be useful to both the young and the old. It is a magazine that can be picked up at any time to find answers to some nagging grammar questions or any information pertaining to the English language.

    Teachers would find the CEM useful. It would provide them with reading pieces and grammatical facts that would help boost their confidence and give them absolute control over the class.

    Each edition of the CEM comes with interesting stories, drama, poetry, grammar facts, literature, writing guides, tests and questions that would help one to think and come up with creative pieces. Where questions are given, answers to the questions would be provided in the next edition so that those who attempt the questions can compare their answers and see their strengths.

    There are also many games such as puzzles, riddles, anagrams, palindromes and mazes, all of which are designed to provide interludes and also to help students test their level of intelligence.

    Welcome once again. I know we are going to have a wonderful time together. Enjoy!

    In this maiden edition:

    • Exclusive Interview with the National Best Teacher
    • Adventures of a One-Cedi Note
    • One-on-One with Ghana’s Englishman
    • In Search of My Father
    • The Adventures of Kwadede
    • Ananse and The Magic Basket
    • A Dying Man’s Note
    • And Many More

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