• The Minister’s Daughter

    A highly pampered little girl from an affluent home loses everything one dark morning. With her dear father gone forever, she must now struggle for survival. Not helping with the situation are an austere and depressing village setting and two feuding women – an aggrieved and bad-tempered nurse and a fashionable teacher with high dreams in a questionable relationship.

    In the village school, there is the head teacher who hates this minister’s daughter because of her father. Not even Akuluksi, the one-eyed boy, spares her with deeply hurting teases that breaks her heart. But the minister’s daughter must survive her childhood days.

  • Gertrude

    She had braved all odds to be in school. Now she was a lawyer and uncircumcised. When, for the umpteenth time, there was an attempted rape on her, she returned to her roots to appease both the living and the dead through circumcision as well as make it difficult for potential rapists to get at her.

    Shortly after this irreversible operation, she met and married a man from another ethnic group, an ethnic group that did not want their wives circumcised and stitched up like chicken pudding.


  • Solace

    Solace was a happy child until her mother died. She was left in the care of her heartless step-mother and unsympathetic biological father. She grew up searching for love in all the wrong places, which landed her into a lot of trouble.

    She was easily manipulated by men because she was denied the love and affection of her father when she was a child. She ended up being the concubine of a married man. Although her business innovations turned her into a very rich woman, her wealth was not able to release her from her bondages.

    For without the Supreme One, how can one truly be free?



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