• All About Ama (Hardcover)

    Age Range: 2 – 5 years

    Read All About Ama as she points to and names different parts of her body.

    Illustrated with colour photos, this short, simple concept book, though developed by Kathy Knowles for an African readership, should also have a North American market as nothing in the photos, including the background, situates the book geographically. The concept with which the book deals is that of the body’s principal parts, including the number of each. The book’s narrator, Ama, who is a very cute little girl, begins at her head and simply works her way down to her two feet, before pointing out, almost as an afterthought, “I have LOTS of hair.”

    All About Ama, with its tight, brief text, is a fine book for parents to use with their youngsters as they learn the names of body parts. Just 18 cm high by 16 cm wide, the book is also the perfect size for young hands to hold.

    An excellent home purchase for toddlers, All About Ama deserves a place in all libraries serving preschoolers.

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