• Gateway to a Criminal Justice System

    Abron S. Touré, received a BA in Philosophy from Brandeis University in 1973, a BS Chemical Engineering Northeastern University in 1983, and MS in Administration from Boston University in 1991. He now resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he works as an author and real estate consultant.

    I would to thank Dr. Kenneth Kipnis retired professor of philosophy University of Hawaii for his help and support and for introducing me to the subject of Plea Bargaining as an ethical concern. Would also like to thank my two dear friends, Alexander Aikens, JD retired banker and part-time Professor at Brandeis for his continued moral support. Special thanks to Ralph Martin, JD, former District Attorney Middlesex County Massachusetts, and Executive Vice President of Northeastern University for his explanations and expertise on the subject. Their comments helped me stay focused and cannot be understated. Finally, my sincere gratitude to the creative skills that went into making the artwork for the book jacket. Such skill and genius must not go unrecognized. Unfortunately, the name of the individual is Unknown!

    Further, be mindful, when reading the text, much of the story is carried in the footnotes.

    — The Author


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