• Spring Field

    I remember with sufficient clarity where I first gave birth to my first poem. It was in high school. However, what was planted as a small seed of self-expression would grow and be transformed into a field of different shades of my life’s experiences: both sweet and vinegary.

    As you read, you will become a witness to clear demonstrations of novice attempts, which metamorphose into signs of matured expressions and an unmistakable gentle growth of a pure love for poetry. My love for poetry always kept the wick burning to continually express passions and experiences aesthetically.

    Nevertheless, while some of my poems are simply the result of my imagination, there are some that are wrapped around the lives of other people. Today, what you hold in your hands is a testament of a journey of survival and the will to keep on moving.

    Enjoy reading!

    Spring Field

  • A Comprehensive Course in Twi (Asante)

    Asante Twi is the most widely spoken of the dialects of the Akan language. Akan is spoken by about 44 percent of Ghana’s population as a first language, and is also used as a second language by a large number of the remainder. This book is meant to introduce a non-Twi beginner to the spoken language.

    It may also be used by those who have some knowledge of the language, but who want to improve their competence in it, and also has a considerable English-Twi vocabulary. The main focus of this course is the spoken language, and every effort has been made to ensure that the dialogues are as natural and as close to current everyday usage as possible.

    This book is a must not only for anyone who wants to relate to people in Ghana whether he or she is on a short or an extended visit, but also for other Ghanaians who are interested in the Twi language or require a working knowledge in the language.

    Professor Florence Abena Dolphyne taught in the Department of Linguistics in the University of Ghana from 1965-2001. She has published several books, including The Akan (Twi-Fante) language: Its Sound Systems and Tonal Structure, A Course in Oral English and the accompanying Teachers’ Handbook, and the best-selling Emancipation of Women: An African Perspective.

  • 5 Ghanaian Presidents and China: Patterns, Pitfalls, and Possibilities

    In Five Ghanaian Presidents and China, Lloyd Amoah tackles China’s meteoric rise to global prominence and what this means for African countries including Ghana. Focusing on Ghana’s relations with China over the last sixty years, the work discusses and interrogates how generations of Ghana’s leaders, from Kwame Nkrumah to Akufo-Addo, have approached the China question since the 1950s.Combining archival data, policy information, interviews and conversations with former Ghanaian presidents, scholars and high state officials, with the sounds and sights from his long years of travel through China and intimate observation of Ghanaian policy formation processes, Amoah, finds that ultimately Ghana’s engagement with China is a matter of strategy. In this work the case is made that descriptions of China’s engagement with Africa as “neo-colonial” are both alarmist and simplistic. Five Ghanaian Presidents offers a far more nuanced account and shines some light on how African and other countries in the Global South can exploit China’s tectonic reshaping of global trade, technology, diplomacy, finance, politics, business and economics.

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