• Let’s Talk About Sex

    You are reading the blurb to help you make up your mind whether you should buy this book or not. Well, let me help you; buying this book may be one of the best investments you ever made.

    Let’s Talk About Sex is about sex and much more. If you read this book with years of marriage behind you, you would wish you had read it earlier. If you read it before marrying, you will save yourself and your partner years of frustration and disgust.

  • The Deal: The Case of the Professional Lady

    An award winning investigative journalist is asked, “Who would you life to interview most?”

    “The devil,” he replies.

    He is told to be careful of what he wished for but he laughs if off until he finds the devil at the foot of his bed demanding an interview and inviting him to go undercover with him.

    The Deal is the first published novel of Uncle Ebo Whyte. It brings attention to the deficiencies of our human nature, the choices we make and how those choices affect us. With very vivid descriptions of scenes that establish a suspense-filled plot, readers are bound to enjoy a rich, imaginative experience so real and captivating with life-enriching nuggets for all.

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