• Angola Damsel

    Age Range: 8 – 12 years

    What do you do when you have become popular in school as an athlete and your friend, out of jealousy, betrays you? This is Dzidzor’s predicament. In this entertaining novel, the reader is taken on an adventure, explores the giddy life of students in secondary school. their loves and joys, as well as their woes and disappointments. The narrative generates fond memories of nostalgia and wistfulness. A very engaging novel indeed!

    Angola Damsel

  • Kojo Writes a Story

    Age Range: 6 – 10 years

    With just days to the end of the mid-term break, all Kojo had was blank pages and no story to present to Mrs. Appiah his teacher. Their assignment was to come up with a story and present it in class. His friends were counting on him to help them write their stories. Meanwhile, Annie, his sister, made fun of him and his friends for not having a story. His father helped him with an idea. Kojo sprung a surprise in class, this was inspired by his sister’s mockery, his father’s guidance and his creative abilities.

  • Asuoyaa by Train

    Nyameba, a twelve-year-old boy, had barely two months to write his Common Entrance Examinations. He relocated from his parents’ home to stay with his auntie after his mother travelled out of the country. It was difficult coping with his new environment which, to him, was a bit harsh. He fell into trouble and ran away from home to escape punishment. The main Accra train station became his haven.

    There, he met Ato, a young boy of his age who lost his family through the famous Asuoyaa train disaster and now lived at the train station. He made a living as a head porter. Nyameba joined his new friend in the trade just to survive. Sisi, one of the market women he worked for, offered to travel with him on the train to Asuoyaa.

    His encounter on the journey, his stay in Asuoyaa and the tragic moment he experienced on his return to Accra, transformed his life for good.

  • Ayorkor

    Ayorkor’s beauty was fortified with a good character ingrained by her parents. She had great dreams for the future and was also bent on making her parents proud come what may.

    However, her father’s misfortune at his workplace almost derailed her plans. As a JHS Three student, her Basic School final exam was now on the line as her family began to face financial difficulties. Eventually, fate made it necessary for her to relocate to live with her uncle and his wife in another town.

    At her new place, Ayorkor made a friend at school who lured her into a very tempting situation. The tough test of Ayorkor’s character and her resolve would then unfold.


  • Book Pal

    Age Range: 6 – 10 years

    In this Book Nana Manukure Kissiedu focuses on the joys of joint reading as an effective tool to motivate ,build and sustain the reading culture in children.This book records the exciting moments of pupils from two classes who were paired to read entertaining and educative books of their own choice .

    The author takes us into the world of the children and how excited they can be when motivated to read.

    Book Pal

  • The Book Fair

    Age Range: 6 – 10 years

    The story seeks to educate children on what happens during book fairs which is one of the media through which Ghanaian Publishers advertise and promote their books.

    The author uses the story to touch on the need for schools and school pupils to participate in book fairs and to stress its role in promoting reading amongst children.

    The Book Fair

  • My e-Book

    Age Range: 6 – 10 years

    My e-Book takes readers into the world of e-books: what they are, their purpose and benefits.

    With the advance in technology, it is important for every pupil to know about e-books and this book has exactly what it takes to help you know about them.

    Come along!

    My e-Book

  • Basic Manners And What Every Child Should Know

    Age Range: 2 – 8  years

    The early years in a child’s life is critical. Character formation should begin in a child’s early years. The child’s future choices and wellbeing depend on the quality of guidance and training in the early years.

    Basic Manners and What Every Child Should Know is strongly recommended as a guide to help parents and teachers to produce disciplined children.

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