• The Junior Companion

    The Junior Companion is an engaging and lively new book for students learning the rudiments of the English language. It gently and expertly introduces students to the basics of English grammar and sentence construction, as well as extending their vocabulary.

    The book also serves as an invaluable guide and reference book for all students learning English in primary schools. It has been carefully written to ensure the language, presentation and material are appropriate for this age range. It has also been carefully checked to ensure that grammatically correct English is used consistently throughout the book.

    The book is beautifully illustrated with a variety of pictures and diagrams to help sustain students’ interest and concentration. Although a number of exercises (and full answers) are provided, the main focus of the book is the learning of the English language and, to this end, the text contains many examples of sentence construction and applications of simple English grammar rules.

    The emphasis of the book is on active learning and not on factual testing or simple recall. Put simply, the book is a ‘learning book’ and not a ‘workbook’.

    Teachers may make use of the materials by giving the exercises as formal homework or simply as exercises for students to practise on.

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