Sheriff Ampem Hassan is a self-educated writer, reader, speaker, tutor, and businessman. For the past two decades, Sheriff has immersed himself in equipping young students for quality further studies and career development.
As a proprietor of a school, Sheriff has been an advocate of child education and life enhancement. He takes pride in going to great lengths to sacrifice for the development of youngsters. His charity inclined school, Granny Children’s Home and School at Amanfrom, Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana, has churned out hundreds of exceptional students who are striving for the highest standards in all endeavours.
He has devoted the rest of his life to studying and tapping into the discoveries of the miraculous Quran (Insha Allah). Seeking to make a difference, he uses every platform to proclaim and celebrate the name of Almighty Allah. He equally seeks to explore the interface between what has religiously been established and what is contrary, in terms of authenticity or otherwise. According to him, there is no religion like righteousness—the most exemplary expression of human conduct, in the service of God. He believes in love, free will, and shared humanity.

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