Samuel Yaw Sompa Okyere has a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Science from University of Cape Coast. He was the founding president for the Society of Actuarial Science Students in UCC. He has a Masters in Risk Management and Finance from the Business School Netherlands and serves as a learning coach for the Tier One business school and the National Banking College of Ghana. He teaches Enterprise Risk Management, Governance and Ethics at the Institute of Chartered Compliance and Cyber Analysts. Yaw is a PECB Certified Information Security Master and has led in implementing and maintaining ISO 27001 for a universal bank in Ghana.

Yaw is a lawyer and an expert in Enterprise Risk Management, Strategy, Business Optimisation, Banking & Finance and Information Security. He has established Operational and Market Risk departments in three universal banks in Ghana. His passion spans leadership, academia, consultancy, social influence and system thinking. He is the author of the book, ‘Fate of System Thinking; Lessons from Decision Optimisation- Stories from UT Bank, Capital Bank and uniBank’. He is a Ghanaian and a believer of Africa’s growth possibilities.

  • Be The Difference: A Leadership Roadmap for the New African

    Be the Difference explores the science, philosophies, theological doctrines, art and practice of how anybody committed to becoming influential can improve their leadership effectiveness. It unravels the mystery of why some people are respected and trusted as leaders whiles some traditionally functional heads are fast loosing relevance. This book discusses the principles and challenges of leadership in Africa, drawing inspiration from Ghana’s favourite uncle; Uncle Ebo Whyte.

    This is a book for the ‘New African’, a manifesto of an African child to the leaders of the future. It inspires the African youth to believe in themselves and to desire to contribute to the developmental possibilities of Africa. It is a book that welcomes us to a new age of Africa’s transformation.

  • Fate of System Thinking: Lessons for Decision Optimisation – Stories from UT Bank, Capital Bank and UniBank

    With a history of over a century, the banking industry in Ghana has had periods of financial distress and has had to deal with the persistent problem of lack of financing for indigenous businesses.

    UT Bank developed a business model that sought to solve the problem of lack of finance for the informal sector. The UT approach became a model for many other financial institutions. The liquidation of UT Bank and Capital Bank as well as the appointment of an administrator for uniBank signal significant problems worth exploring. Banking serves as the foundational industry for building an economy, thus the banking challenges unearth a far bigger challenge in the dynamics of our economy. Until we have fully understood what the issues are, we are unlikely to identify what the solutions should be.

    The author is convinced that the world needs to appreciate the causes of the collapse of these institutions so as to stop fiddling with the symptoms and the demonization without knowledge of cause. This book shares the author’s personal experience and lessons from working with both UT Bank and Capital Bank. He is a financial services educator and has a good understanding of indigenous enterprises. The lessons are intended to revolutionize the way businesses are organized and how individuals approach decision making. The book will help organisations build stronger, sustainable, diverse and more effective systems from the ashes of UT Bank, Capital Bank and uniBank.

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