• Letter Land

    Age Range: 2 – 6 years

    Mastering the alphabet is one of the first lessons children learn when they start to speak.

    This book is presented in a unique way to develop children as they read. In colouring and identifying the letters of the alphabet, the child is also presented with some basic sentences with easy-to- read words as they try to put letters together in that early stage.

    As they read and pronounce the words in this book, they cultivate the habit of reading.


    Letter Land

  • King Frog

    Sumin community grew day after day and the inhabitants realised the need for a king.

    “Who will be king?” the animals asked.

    The animals elected Frog as king for Sumin.

    Rabbit did not like the idea of Frog as king but all the inhabitants liked King Frog because he was a wise king. He helped in solving problems and also jubilated with the animals in their happy moments.

    They all praised the wise king. “All Hail King Frog! All Hail King Frog!”

    King Frog


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