Rosemond Quainoo

Rosemond Quainoo is a woman of God whose teaching has empowered and transformed a lot of lives, especially women in Africa. She is one of the resilient women God is using to touch lives and make women to identify themselves in order to fulfil purpose in these current times.

She is the founder of Glorious Womens Linkage (Glowlink), a women-empowering organization which is established to raise model Christian women leaders serving as role models and mentors to women worldwide. It has the purpose to empower the next generation of women with purpose and character. She yearns to see the youth become responsible citizens, nation builders and world changers. She's passionate about seeing them contribute their quota to the development of the nation and globe. She is a revivalist in this end time to humanity and women in general.

Rosemond is a voice for most voiceless women and has respect for dignity and worth for all persons. She wishes that through her quota, the world gets better and more importantly, women identify themselves to press for progress and help others as well.