Ron McLarty

A native of East Providence, RI, Ron McLarty is a veteran actor, accomplished playwright, prolific audiobook narrator and acclaimed novelist.

McLarty is also noted for his body of work as one of the country's leading audio book narrators having done over 100 titles including the narration of books authored by Stephen King, David Baldacci, Anne Rice, Richard Russo, Elmore Leonard, Ed McBain, and Scott Turow, among many others. He is the recipient of numerous Audie Awards.

It was his collaboration with Stephen King that led to his emergence as a published novelist of national repute. Beginning with the early years of his career, McLarty's passion for writing led him to completing 10 novels, in addition to his plays but his efforts to interest a publishing house were unsuccessful. Several years ago he was able to persuade a small company into producing his 3rd novel, The Memory of Running, directly onto tape as an audio book. It is believed to be the first recorded audio book of an unpublished novel. Stephen King listened to it in 2002 and wrote his entire column "The Pop of King" about Memory calling it "the best book you can't read". This led to the publication of The Memory of Running in the USA and sixteen other countries around the world. In January 2007 his second novel, Traveler was published here in the UK (Traveller) as well as in Spain, France & Germany. His 3rd novel, Art In America was published in July 2008 to critical acclaim. His 4th novel, The Dropper, is published by Cemetery Dance Publications. The Memory of Running was chosen as the 2007 selection for the Reading Across Rhode Island program and nominated for Italy's most prestigious literary award, the Bancarella Prize.

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