Olivia Ansa-Sam Gavua is a Financial Analyst, an entrepreneur, a Sunday school teacher, a Clothing Designer and a marriage counselor. She hails from the central region of Ghana, West Africa and a product of the University of Ghana where she attained her bachelor’s degree in English. Olivia, also holds a diploma in Journalism from the Ghana Institute of Journalism and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from University of Maryland University College. She has contributed to her churches Newsletter by writing articles on Marriage and love.

Olivia enjoys writing to inspire and motivate people. She also enjoys reading, sewing, exercising, teaching children at Sunday school, cooking and spending time with her family. She is looking forward to writing more books about Marriage and life lessons to inspire her generation. She currently resides in Maryland with her family.

  • I Rise to Inspire

    I Rise to Inspire is a collection of poems that focus on themes related to love, marriage, perseverance, faith, and friendship.

    I Rise to Inspire will challenge you to persevere in your daily struggles, it will sooth and uplift you, bring a smile to your face and ignite hope in you daily. It is your story, my story our song and our Journey.

    The poems on perseverance convict readers that there is a staying power in every soul. Readers are, therefore, encouraged not to be content with mediocrity but to strive hard and transcend every negative situation that comes their way. Furthermore, men, women and children are called on to discover their unique potentials and roles in society and are inspired to answer to the call of duty in society when called on. Readers are also impressed on to love unconditionally and forgive.

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