Nana Yorke

Nana Yorke is a London based author of dual African and South American heritage, who has a longstanding love of reading and writing, traceable to her childhood and teenage years. She has vivid recollections of visits to the second hand book markets in Rotterdam on a Saturday morning, in pursuit of diverse forms of fiction. This resulted in the formation of an impressive fiction library.

While Nana was always a keen writer, her skills also really began to take off during her late teens when she began to write short stories and poetry, primarily African folklore and science fiction. This laid the foundation for later pursuits, including her contributions to the Voice magazine in Holland covering a range of stories from local community developments, news stories to lifestyle.

Much of her writing is underpinned by lived experiences and observations of everyday life. Nana’s interest in African folklore has resulted in her becoming a keen advocate of African/diasporic writers and she tries to attend as many African related book events as she can as well as buying books from African authors.