Nana Dadzie Ghansah is an anesthesiologist, photographer and writer. Reflections In A Ring Of Light is his second book. Having lived, studied and worked on three different continents, he sees life through a multi-cultural lens and that informs his writing. Besides being an essayist, he is a poet. His first book was a collection of his poetry. He is also working on his first novel. He sees writing and photography as ways to explore the human condition and tools that help in the telling of the story of the African experience. He presently lives and works in Lexington, KY.

  • The Other Side: The Poetry of Nana Dadzie Ghansah

    From a place where the everyday is captured in the beauty of rhymes and cascading phrases, the poet explores the issues of love, life, identity and death. This is also a journey into a newly discovered world of what is possible. In measured yet bold steps, the poet immerses himself into the rhythmic intricacies of this discovery. He calls this place “The Other Side” and he seeks to express the vastness of this experience through his poems.
  • Reflections in a Ring of Light

    In this fascinating collection of memories, dreams, musings and all that a creative mind can conjure, Nana Dadzie Ghansah takes the reader on a very descriptive journey across time.

    Nana writes across generations and zigzags us across the world from Ghana to Paris, France to Lexington, Kentucky, to Leipzig, Germany and more.

    Whether we meet him sweeping his grandfather’s compound to perfection, admiring nature in the village of Besease, being a doctor in Lexington or in his trusted 1989 VW Golf, there is an energizing outburst of thought and a simultaneously sober reflection on the past, present, and future through multiple lenses.

    If you’re looking to go on a thought-provoking and yet humorous journey that leaves your mind enriched, then this collection is a great pick.

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