Morningkhat is a Ghanaian born and bed author, with the birth name, Valerie Awo-Dede Okaiteh. This is her first published book. She graduated from the University of Ghana with a degree in Economics
and History. However, through her early childhood habit of keeping journals, she has years of self-taught experience in writing as a form of authentic self-expression. Other times, like in this book, she uses writing as a form of self-healing.

  • Her Diary of Sobriety

    After a five year long struggle with marijuana addiction, writer and poet Morningkhat, gracefully  found the strength to overcome. In ‘Her Diary of Sobriety’, she writes wholeheartedly about the daily 
    struggles on her journey, lessons, tips and insightful observations on living a life of sobriety. 
    The value contained in this book is priceless for any reader interested in relating with a true account  of an addict to trigger your own courage, or inspire others to create their path of freedom from this 
    fixation. This piece is sure to open up a new perspective, and spark a much-needed conversation  about society’s addiction problems. 

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