• Conflict of Laws in Ghana

    Generations of Ghanaian law students, scholars, legal practitioners and judges have engaged with conflict of laws issues in their respective capacities. Regrettably, they have not had access to an authentic Ghanaian treatise on the discipline — a treatise foregrounded in Ghanaian case law and legislation. They have had to rely on foreign treatises (often very dated editions) mainly written by reputed English scholars.

    Richard Frimpong Oppong and Kissi Agyebeng have filled this void in the scholarship on Ghanaian law with their sophisticated and skilfully executed work of scholarship: Conflict of Laws in Ghana.

    This monograph is a timely publication. We live in a globalised world, a world beset with conflict of laws problems. Increases in cross-border movements of persons and the concomitant cross-border relationships they create, the growth of international commerce and foreign direct investment, ever-increasing international litigation, and international arbitration have all highlighted the importance of conflict of laws as a discipline.

    Judges, legal scholars, legal practitioners, law students and, indeed, all who operate in the international legal terrain, must take notice of this comprehensive work.

    The range, depth and originality of Conflict of Laws in Ghana make it a must-read for anyone confronted with a conflict of laws issue in Ghana. They will find much value in doing so.

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